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Our commitments

Today, companies have an essential role to play in the building of a more stable, inclusive and sustainable society.

We know that logistics is an energy-intensive sector and a producer of CO2 emissions.
That’s why we work every day to reduce our energy consumption.; optimise the load capacity of our containers, as much to reduce the costs for our clients than to reduce our carbon footprint, and more globally to make our logistics sites more virtuous.

In line with the Kapa Reynolds group strategy, Kapa Logistic wishes to behave as an actor for change towards a world more respectful of the social and environmental questions and has to this purpose integrated RSE in its company strategy.

Our RSE approach is shown across our various activities, through concrete actions, and commitment to progress within our four pillars:


For the last 32 years, every day, in the Kapa Reynolds group, we have placed rigour at the heart of our processes.

We define criteria, validate, control the quality of our products directly in the factories that we select.. We innovate to improve the eco-responsibility of our ranges with greener products, sustainable, with less plastics.
We make the choice of operational solutions less energy-intensive. For example, our forklift fleet is all electric, the lighting in the warehouse is LED with movement sensors, we limit and sort out our waste.
We look after the quality of life of our staff at work and at the respect of the integrity of every person amongst our partners and suppliers..

Tomorrow, as soon as 2022, we will have some hindsight to present you a concrete analysis and already put in place on these 4 pillars.

We will be able to commit based on experienced indicators, matched with examples and proofs of our capacity to respect them.

Let’s meet tomorrow to go even further together.