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One expertise at every step of the chain,
One solution that evolves with you.

Create with you a logistics solution that meets your needs, your activity and your products

> From a single case to a full truck load.
> From one specific storage or distribution step to a global logistics mission.
> With pricing always linked to the processed volume, to support your flows and your expansion.

Take on your orders

> Monitoring your upstream supply to maintain a vision on expected deliveries;
> Synchronising resources with your planning for the reception of your goods;
> Unloading of the products (palletised or in bulk) ;
> Quantity and quality (packaging) controls of the goods received according to your packing lists and specifications;
> Printing of a documented anomaly report if required;
> Identification of the goods and traceability guaranteed.

Stock in our secure warehouse

> Short or long-term warehousing;
> Upon demand or rolling physical stocktaking

Prepare your shipments

> Stock management adapted to your need (FIFO, LIFO, etc.) ;
> Prepare the shipment picking a product, a case or a pallet;
> Verify product compliance (defect identified at the last minute);
> Labelling of the pallet with clear identification of the order number and the delivery address;
> Printing of the Delivery Note in accordance to your specifications.


> Adapted packaging of the goods according to your specifications (pallet plan, labelling, etc.) ;
> Bringing packaging back into compliance, packing modifications;
> Creating batches, kits, etc.

Transport and deliver

> Managing the collections and deliveries: from a pallet (consolidation) to full truck load;
> Delivering to regions, in France or internationally;
> With or without appointment, to logistics plateforms with specific time slots;
> Just in time management;
> Courier shipments, transport by batch or full truck load ;
> Delivery tracking;
> Delivery confirmation.

Follow-up customer relationship

> Management of the returns / unsold;
> Flow-up relationship with the cusotmer regarding the delivery.